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The Messenger

This poem describes the exchange of messages between two souls, who are cursed by distance and years of time, using clouds as their messenger. The ‘She’ second stanza of this poem is indeed written by “She”, Aayushi, my pen pal.


Curled her crimson lips
Blared the conchs of the earth, to
Summon the clouds of swans-down
Disembogued deluge of words
From sluice gates of her heart, thereinto
Sealed the message with her velvety kiss,
Smile fuelled the clouds
Scudding the cerulean skies
Gathered the rooftop, whistling
They opened they opened
Flung upon him her rain of words

Wrote she:

Sworn in the feat
of unscathed Ivory towers
Unacquainted, yet
A plush of ally
Scented in glee
Eons felt by
Beaming to sky
Slashing the purlieu
The spirits fly

Wrote he, eft:

In the words that
Thy lips spilled
Light years melts away
And cast mellow upon me
What yonder on earth
Ruth can befall upon me
Nay, distance and void
Can harry me — for
Lies my spirit in
Thy soul

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