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Nexus 5

This poem describes my first casually serious, an oxymoronic attempt to photography using my phone Nexus 5 that returned to earth last week.

Lost in a reverie
Sauntered the passageway
Bedecked the purlieu with
Reeds and weeds
And briers of names
I know not

Past the alley opened
Annon, the portal
To the orchard of flowers:
Roses and Lilies
Jasmines and Daisies
Full of bliss and bloom

The sun hanging low
Illuminating the horizon
Stirred my passionate heart
Slipped hands into the pockets
Fished out the Nexus 5 scarlet
Shimmering like a setting orb

Clicked willy-nilly
The maiden shot
Of a rose on a brier
The photography dilettante
Of mine foolish heart

Nexus returned to earth
Sleeping at last
Pictures of birds:
Perching and wheeling
Chirping and warbling

Pictures of insects:
Buzzing and hovering
Winging and hopping
Linger on
Looking back the album
Of Nexus 5

A rose on a brier — taken with Nexus 5

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