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Life 8

There are whopping number of papers (technical papers) getting published each day.  Gazillion conferences each day.  I really wonder how people get their work published.  Is it not so ridiculous publishing material which lacks quality and genuinity.  Let’s forget the quality for the time about publishing a material which is a replica or plagiarized from other papers (of course they too are meagre)….?

More often than not, I see people going bananas for getting the paper published.  I do not really understand this, it is astounding to see the professors doing the same…what do they aim at while publishing? fame? reputation of the institute?…?

There are people who see  only the number of publications…and get things done…don’t they know how things work?

There are people who negotiates that more number of publications implies good research..and there are people who argues more number of Ph.D implies high quality research…is it not so ridiculous…This is highly pathetic…anyway, all I could do is to just wear a smile….

But, there are people who really do good quality work and get their work published in a reputed journals….they don’t unless there is a significant amount of work…..

Reputed journals,  there are journals where one can get their work published if the corresponding or co-author is a reputed/elevated person, no matter what the recent publishing work it is….

or if one does not belong to anyone of the aforementioned authors…still you can get your work published by volunteering the organization in the form of money.  I really wonder why those journals ask for volunteering (money of course) while submission of the manuscript but why not after getting it accepted/rejected? what does this imply….?

Anyway, so why am I writing all this and why today….? well, because today, my paper has been accepted for a conference xyz…and will be published in xxxxxx.  🙂


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