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Life 7

If life is not what all think it is but it is of lot more wise, then perhaps I am having my life.  In the recent times, it is highly difficult to live ones life according to the way he/she wants.

But, in my case, I am pretty much living the way I want. Though, I am not very certain of what I want ;).. at times the surrounding environment influences my thinking which further leads to huge mess, chaos.

So much of unfounded speculations have been taking place in my life.

Since many days, I have been thinking of doing a doctoral program in Taiwan.  Thinking that it is highly impossible for me to get into a university at Taiwan, I aimed at it.

I realized that I have been living in an utopian world, and I lived my life through illusion. The real world now is much more intricate than it actually looks…and I am enjoying every bit of it. Knowing the reality is the ultimate thing and one must embrace it.

There are many decisions taken hastily in recent times..sometimes like Ph.D in Taiwan, sometimes work as an RA…..woaah..chaos everywhere.  Anyway the former is ruled out considering many factors.  So, I finally decided no matter what happens I shall try to avoid knee-jerk reactions and must face the stumbling blocks, and fight with fortitude.

And whatever the work I do, do the good work…and try to be a good human being, after all that is what I am in the very first place..

While in this altercation, I must thank my adviser M Suneel sir and friend Abhinov for being supportive and sharing their opinions.

Finally, Happy Holi…..let’s have a colorful life…..


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