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Life 5

Life is a great leveler. It extends, bends and pretends.

What you bring along is long tested. What you do not, does not. Uncertainties of nature and existence never have answers. They spring upon us, show us their strengths and disappear, oblivious to what they leave behind. Sufferings are eternal and perpetual. They live with us till we count our last.

Oblivious of what the consequences be at the time of an adventure, experience and incident, it is disturbing to us mortals what lies in store either way. What may seem insurmountable, finds a conquest. What heights we climb, poses another peak to be achieved.

Those that live in constant excess, I believe, are most aware of its fragility. Those that do not, are either fearless or unaware of its crumbling.

Some of us live in constant fear of the consequences, and some have diligently worked out options, were there to be a situation. I would presume that many presume that this option does not exist in most. But it does. And it does in numbers and the thinkings of those that value outcome. There are many that do not, which is fine as a way chosen by them on their own conduct. But many do, and they need to be followed and observed with care.

Excesses attract, irrespective of their genuineness. They are rare and endangered species. They shall always seek to be protected, because. But the world and the universe is not likely to be enamored by them that despite its worthiness and ingenuity, flaunt it with unrestricted pride and arrogance, centimeters distanced, from the nostrils of the lesser.

Many believe that living in the constancy of such thought, deprives one of a freedom. A freedom that is truly our birthright. Fine. I do not have an answer to that which harbors such. But each birthrighted freedom has to be won and labored for, and on its final achievement, to be best rested, within the confines of our ethics and ethos.

Each ethos and ethic has its own parameters, both individually and collectively. They will differ. They shall possess different and varied interpretation. But irrespective of any, they shall all saunter down to one commonality. That common thread is what shall bind us all, in order and command. The observance of this command, this regimentation, if you may wish to address it so, is the desired conditions for behavior.

Character belongs to the ethos and ethic of our growth. With character come dignity. And with dignity, wisdom.

May we all strive to be wise, just, and in belief.

Character belongs to the ethos and ethic of our growth. With character come dignity. And with dignity, wisdom.

May we all strive to be wise, just, and in belief.

Belief in perception is a boon and a curse. The race between reality and its perception, is one that has pervaded our ethos. Wise are they that can project convincingly, reality, before perception overtakes it. For, the latter has habitually been that, which has found belief earlier than the former.

Many distinguished intellect have commented through the ages of the virtues of both, but emphasized the complexities of the latter. One reason then, why it needs greater attention and concern.

Perception shall always require greater care and address. It has the capacity to be of lasting impact. Any impact that lasts, is reverential in its construct. It may not be what it is meant to be. But then meanings in such situations possess alternate meanings as well.

Who and what then to believe ? Which to take as definite ? And why ?

Questions !

Questions need answers. Answers need convincing ability. Convinced ability is another rarity. In today’s most cynical atmosphere, it has a short life.

Best then .. to beat it much before by that which is real.

Nothing in life is achieved without struggle !

Taken from      Day 2150


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