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Life 4 (Incertitude)

Finally, much awaited result has come.  Outcome of the final result is not what I worry about, but the uncertainty.  Anyway, now the uncertainty has vanished.  Of course, there is little anguish, I am after all human being like everyone is…

I am not very certain of how much the uncertainty is in Heisenberg principle.  But uncertainty in my recent times have been enormous.

By looking at the outcome, I set myself thinking that, am I in wrong place, wrong situation? What could be the reason/reasons for such result.  Or, did I choose a wrong person…wrong things…or I just don’t deserve….am I expecting too high? expecting too high is no harm, but if you fail in achieving it, you shouldn’t go crazy…

Everyone has something either this or that….me? clueless….

Maybe this is called life..! 🙂

Anyway, If flapping of a butterfly can possibly change the atmospheric conditions (may be a reason for tornado), then why not my work change the future.

Wow, Awesome discovery


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