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Life 1

Have been suffering with severe sore throat, and fever.  Beside this, have many challenges to face.  Have gazillion papers to read and work on my project.  It’s been a tough week before many stumbling blocks ahead.

Life is becoming more and more erratic, and chaos.  Not knowing where I would stand after four months.

Interested in doing cutting edge research in wireless communication/networks, and also wanted to incubate a company during the process.  But the conditions and complications I come across doesn’t allow me to do so.

The worst thing that happened to me is having bit too low GPA, which stops me always in dictating my research interests.

Currently, suffering with two problems.  One is sore throat which perhaps will alleviate in couple of days, the other is my research.  The problem in the latter keeps on escalating as the days sped.

Anyway, all I can now do is just wait and watch…..

Need to learn being patient……….

Have read this somewhere “Good things happen to who wait”

Let come what may…………………


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