god must be awesome!, My Poems

God must be awesome!

Once upon a time, a man was resting under the shade of a walnut tree on a hot, sultry afternoon. Just nearby was a pumpkin creeper. The man thought to himself, “Why would God grow pumpkins on a creeper and walnuts on a tree when it should have been the other way round? Pumpkins need stronger support while walnuts do not- how did it not occur to God?”. Just when he was about to leave the shady tree, a walnut fell from above and hit his head. He then realised that had it been pumpkins that grew on trees instead of walnuts, he’d be dead and that shady trees would not be safe for tired travellers, like himself, to rest under! He then realised that there’s a lot that God knows and we do not. He realised that God has planned everything beforehand.

God is a master-planner and everything on this Earth has a purpose.

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