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This day


is a memorable day in my life.  My friend Abhinov Balagoni has placed in Idea under management profile after long waiting.  So, I would like to felicitate him on this occasion on my blog.  Hope he will be having a great future ahead.

noise characterization

Finally! received awgn (not white exactly, it is colored as its a band-limited noise) by sdr and performed the auto-correlation of noise, which gave outlandish results though.  To study the characteristic of colored noise, random noise samples are generated and passed through an elliptic filter (low pass) which then was subjected to auto-correlation.  The auto-co variance of generated band-width noise was much like a sinc.  The study the signal characteristics asine wave of frequency say 100 kHz was sent from one sdr and was received by the other sdr and performed the auto-correlation on the received signal.  The results were erroneous couple of times and  also don’t hold together this was because of mismatching of sampling rates perhaps.  And it was really surprising to see the exact base-band (sine) signal when it was properly sampled.  1105526_orig3946237_orig


Today (Dec 12, 2012), I have done autocorrelation of noise received by SDR, the beauty of autocorrelation lies in extracting the signal from the additive white guassian noise (AWGN) which has autocorrelation zero except at zero lag in theory atleast !!!

My Poems

This is the first time I ever started blogging since my birth, though I have tried to start blogging a couple of times before; but it ended up as a disaster.