Agreement Registration Office Near Me

Hie My family bought the house about 10 years ago and in, only selling aggressively now we want to register this house in our own name, but the seller asks a lot to sign on the sale deed. Is that illegal? If so, what should I do? and the consequences of a late recording? 2. When the clerk addresses the deed to be recorded and the document is duly submitted for registration within thirty days of the date of designation, the clerk complies and, therefore, where possible, follows the procedure set out in sections 58, 59 and 60; and this registration comes into effect as if the document had been registered at the first formal presentation. 24. Documents executed by several people at different times When multiple people execute a document at different times, this document can be submitted within four months from the date of each execution for registration and re-registration. What happens if I take two prints with the same E-stamped paper and transfer them to different offices? How is the authencity of the same checked and at what time? Hello, I buy an apartment in Bangalore through Nationalized Bank home loans. The bank insists on registering mortgages. The loan amount is 32 lakes. Is there a separate fee for registering mortgages in addition to land registry fees? How much is the fee? Do I have to pay the registration fee or does the bank pay it? Please help me get this information. In Bangalore, stamp duty is 5% and registration fees are 1% of real estate value.

However, this may vary depending on the location of the property. We advise you to explore the exact figures at The Town Hall. Thank you for your response. I`m staying in jalandhar Punjab. I also wanted to know if the deposit fee for a property sold by the bank at an auction was in line. 2. Any person is legally obliged to provide information for information, if requested. c) Persons exempt from personal court appearances who are not required to appear in person with the licensing body for the following provisions are not required to appear. (e) the regulation of the exercise of the discretion that is invoked by the registry administrator by Section 63; My questions are, 1. Do I have to pay an additional 1% of the purchase value as stamp duty? Because my agreement is already registered. 2. Legally, who has to pay the extra 1%? me or the company? 3.

Since the issue of mediation is a country for society, can I negotiate with society to use social funds? 4. If we do not agree to pay an additional 1% of stamp duty, what will be the consequences? 5. If we do not agree to pay an additional 1% of stamp duty, will the deed of transport take place? 6. Why did the clerk check in when we paid less stamp duty in 2010? I would like to know if the stamp duty that was paid at the Rs.20000/- sale agreement can be deducted from stamp duty due at the time of registration of real estate in Bangalore. This official may, for special reasons, participate in the residence of a person wishing to present a document for registration or file a will and accept such a document or will for registration or deposit. I recently bought a property from Rs 4860000. I applied for a home loan. Today, the bank announces that TDS will be applicable by 1%, since the price of the property with stamp duty and registration fees will make it more than 50 liters rs. The bank says that because they have the financing for stamp duty as well they will add the same and the total amount will be considered the value of the property. but in my opinion, the value of the building is the amount on which the registration is made, and the same is smaller than Rs 50 lake if TDS is not applicable.

In addition, stamp duty goes to the government, not the seller.